WASE stands for Wipro Academy of Software Excellence. This academy was started in year 1995 in order to contribute to education of numerous youngsters. WASE course by Wipro basically concentrates on higher education for young Indians. It is an initiative taken in form of a course to ensure better education in India. Continue reading ‘What is WASE Course by Wipro’


Famously known as BITS, Pilani, The Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani is one of the premier technical institutes of India. This institute is here since early 1900s and has been a pioneer in bringing so much information and knowledge to Indian society by forming futures of numerous students. The quality of technical training and studies provided here is par excellence. Continue reading ‘WIPRO and BITS Pilani Partnership for WASE Course’


If you are aspiring to get enrolment in WASE course of Wipro then it is imperative for you to understand the selection procedure. The selection procedure of WASE has three stages to be cleared by a candidate. They are as below:

WSE entrance exam (WET): This is basically an online test and the 1st stepping stone towards clearing WASE entrance. This test is further sub divided in to three categories as verbal, analytical and mathematics. The verbal and analytical portion can be prepared by practicing the books available for CAT and GMAT. Verbal includes English language questions including, synonyms, antonyms, sentence formation, comprehension of paragraphs etc. On the other hand all analytical questions from CAT and GMAT entrance exam books can be prepared. Talking about the mathematics portion, one needs to thoroughly go through mathematics course book of class 11th and 12th in order to clear this portion. It basically is based on questions related to differentiation, trigonometry, algebra, integration, calculus, matrices and coordinate geometry.

Technical Interview: If a candidate is able to clear the common entrance test of WASE then he is eligible to appear for the technical interview round. This is a very important round in the selection procedure of WASE. In this round, the technical understanding and capabilities of the candidate are checked on the basis of answers given by the candidate.

HR Interview: This is the final steep towards selection in WASE. It basically is an HR interview round with questions related to stability, willingness and other HR related clarities.

One needs to be confident while appearing for both the interview rounds. Many questions are asked in these rounds. For people who are hard working and genuine while giving answers, this selection procedure is a learning experience in itself. The results from the selection procedure are out towards the end of December.


WASE is a course offered by Wipro in order to provide practical knowledge opportunity to numerous candidates while they undergo profession training which can yield them a degree. Numerous students prepare for the entrance exam for WASE. This exam is online test i.e. internet based. The question paper is divided in to 3 broad sections namely: Continue reading ‘WASE Exam Syllabus’


WASE is a course offered by Wipro. WASE stands for Wipro Academy of Software Excellence. This course can be taken up by a candidate right after graduation done in B.Sc., BCA and BCM. The course is divided in eight semesters over a period of four years. In each semester, a candidate needs to appear for four subjects. The contact classes are held for students enrolled in this course for a period of sixteen weeks. Continue reading ‘WASE Course Duration and Fee’


Candidates who are planning to apply for WASE exam from WIPRO needs to have a basic idea about how the question paper looks like. Well, first of all, it is not a written examination. It is an online test. So, candidates get a login id and password and they appear fro the test online in the designated centres for the exam. The question paper for this online test is divided in to three parts: Continue reading ‘Question Papers of WIPRO WASE Exam’


WASE was introduced by Wipro in year 1995 with a vision to provide professional qualification to young Indians. This course lays more emphasis on practical education while keeping the theoretical knowledge as a base. It is 4 years course and at the end of it one gets a degree equivalent to full time MS from BITS, Pilani. Many aspiring students want to know the pattern of WASE course exam by WIPRO. Well, the exam is very similar to other common entrance exams. Continue reading ‘Pattern of WASE Course Exam by WIPRO’


WIPRO introduced WASE course in year 1995 in order to motivate young crowd to opt for professional courses as a higher education option. There are few basic things required as eligibility requirements in order to appear for the entrance exam of WASE course by WIPRO. Let us look at the eligibility criteria: Continue reading ‘Eligibility for WIPRO WASE Program’


Today, WASE is a popular choice for youngsters as it is a career oriented course which gives an opportunity to students across India to earn while they learn. It is based on the model on on job training. In case of WASE course, students do not have to pay any fees as Wipro takes care of it for them. In addition to it, Wipro also gives them a stipend. Continue reading ‘Bachelor Courses after which WASE Course can be joined’


Many students are not sure of what course they should pursue for higher education. During their final year in graduation or after completing graduation, many students end up wasting their precious time in thinking which course is the best for them. For students who had mathematics in 10 + and have graduated or appearing for the final year of graduation in BCA, BCM or B.Sc. Continue reading ‘After BCA which course should I prefer MCA or WASE by WIPRO’